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FACHC represents 54 health centers providing services to residents in all 67 counties in Florida at more than 750 locations, delivering care to more than 1.8 million patients during 7 million patient visits.

Preparedness is a Personal Choice

After working in Emergency Management for almost a decade, my view of preparedness shifted radically after my son was born in 2022. I realized what used to be a simple plan of action now had to be reformulated to include a long list of baby supplies and considerations for communication and coordination with new grandparents.

When Hurricane Ian approached the west coast of Florida, our family chose to evacuate as a group, a total of 8 adults, three dogs, and one (very cared for) infant. While we had the option to go to a hotel, many families in this situation would need to assess local shelter options or travel much farther to stay with friends/family. The weight of these decisions is always heavy, especially when a storm’s path is so unpredictable. Leaving your home without knowing when you’ll return or what impacts lie ahead can be an extremely anxiety-inducing experience. Tampa Bay was spared the worst of the storm; I couldn’t help but feel deeply for our neighbors to the south and east. When a disaster of that magnitude affects some of us, it affects us all.

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