FACHC provides technical assistance and training that assists health centers with maintaining of their financial stability. The technical assistance and training include billing (Billing Bootcamp) and coding, UDS, impact studies, financial planning, and customer service training. Contact FACHC for more information.

Operations & Governance


FACHC assists health centers maintain the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) program requirements to maintain their 330 statuses. This is accomplished through the development of on-demand and in person training, surveys, shared best practices, peer-to-peer roundtables and learning groups, and resources to respond to health center questions and request. Contact FACHC for more information.

Health Center Governance

FACHC provides resources to assist health centers with the training and development of health center boards, so they can successfully serve as an important link between the community and the health center and ensure responsiveness to the needs of the communities serve. FACHC provides onboarding materials, strategic planning, technical assistance, and training, including on-demand programs like America’s Community Health Centers and Florida’s Community Health Centers. Contact FACHC for more information.

Clinical Quality

Quality & Integrated Care

FACHC understands that the leading goal of Florida’s Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) is to provide quality primary healthcare services to the various underserved, uninsured, and/or special populations that they serve. This goal would be unattainable if not for dedicated clinical staff ensuring that all Floridian’s, regardless of insurance or income status, have a permanent medical home.

As clinicians are at the heart of the work of Florida’s Federally Qualified Health Centers, FACHC consistently endeavors to expand the assistance offered to health centers in their efforts to deliver quality healthcare services.

FACHCs Clinical Quality Services includes assisting health centers in the development or refinement of quality infrastructures through training and support in several aspects. FACHC provides support for health centers participating in the Bureau of Primary Health Care’s Health Disparities Collaboratives as well as provides support in the areas of Quality Management, Risk Management, and Patient Safety. Contact FACHC for more information.

Workforce Development

Career Pathway Culture – (Recruitment & Retention)

Engagement and retention efforts are critical for the success of any Center’s workforce development efforts. Creating a culture of career pathways within each of our Centers is a primary focus of FACHC in order to source and sustain a workforce that is talented, adaptive, and responsive to the needs of all patients. Contact FACHC for more information.

Building a World-Class Workforce – (Regional Training Strategies)

In a highly competitive labor market, Community Health Centers must build the workforce they need based on the ultimate goal of patient care. To that end, FACHC supports Centers’ efforts to create training strategies that will build the best workforce possible, from entry-level through C-Suite positions. Contact FACHC for more information.

Workforce Planning – (Health Professions Education & Training)

FACHC supports Community Health Centers through comprehensive workforce planning efforts designed to advance the health professions within our Centers. These planning strategies focus on the specific needs of each Center and create a roadmap for effective workforce development efforts that focus on recruitment, sourcing, selection, retention, and advancement opportunities. Contact FACHC for more information.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness & Response

FACHC is here to support health centers in their preparation, response, and recovery from emergency situations, including natural disasters, by providing training and technical assistance, exercises, planning guidance, and deployment of assets to support continuity of operations. FACHC promotes situational awareness by utilizing its ‘Live Response Tool’ for real-time reporting the operational status of facilities during emergency events. FACHC works with government and public health agencies including the Florida Department of Health and the Florida Division of Emergency Management as well as variety of partners including Direct Relief, Americares, and Healthcare Ready to provide information and resources before, during, and after an emergency event. Contact FACHC for more information.

Outreach & Enrollment

Outreach & Enrollment

FACHC assists health centers by offering its members technical assistance and training for their non-clinical healthcare professionals which improve patient outcomes and quality of care. Through education, FACHC provides guidance on engaging potential patients and ensures healthcare services are covered either by public/private insurance or private pay. In addition, FACHC promotes equity by recommending employers hire staff from the rich cultural diversity of those they serve, implement policies and procedures designed to eliminate bias and discrimination and deliver services or healthcare information in a language in which the patient is most comfortable. Contact FACHC for more information.