Medicaid eligibility redeterminations began in April, which means Florida health centers are helping patients retain health coverage or find other options if they are determined to be ineligible. Under the public health emergency’s (PHE) continuous coverage mandate, the state saw a significant increase in the number of individuals and families on Medicaid. In March 2020, it had 3.8 million enrollees. That number increased to 5.5 million enrollees in November 2022, according to the Florida Department of Children and Families.

The Florida Association of Community Health Centers (FACHC) supports the state’s community health centers, which provide affordable medical, behavioral health, and dental care to patients in underserved areas. FACHC Vice President and COO Ben Browning discussed the role of community health centers during the redetermination process, and other challenges they face, in this Q&A with State of Reform.

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